Side-by-side comparison_compare 3D tours captured at different times
How 360° Imagery Is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry In recent years, the camera has become one of the most valuable tools on the construction site. Project managers rely on photographs at every stage of the construction process — from pre-construction planning to project close out — utilizing them to document site conditions, monitor job progress
Remove any moving objects away from the scene if you can to obtain better quality 360º photos for a 3D virtual tour.
Removing Ghosting in Photoshop When you enlarge the stitched images, the quality will be visibly low especially when the image contains a moving object such as people, cars or trees. Exposure bracketing is taken at a slightly different position during the shooting process, so ghosting occurs. Ghosting is a moving object in photos which looks
When taking 360º photos for a 3D virtual tour, try to keep the same exposure for all photos. You can adjust the brightness of the photo in other post photo editing program. Set your camera to manual mode and adjust the exposure in the middle.
Using AE Bracketing Method Bracketing is the method of taking generally three photos, one using the camera’s standard settings, one underexposed and one overexposed. This technique is used to get a properly exposed image with a single shot without having to post-process the image separately. You can choose to use auto bracketing using a built-in
A common mistake especially in real estate when trying to take photos to make the room appear bigger is to take photos from a corner. If you take photos too close to walls it has a high chance to have an error stitching error.
Shooting Tips1. Remove any moving objects away from the scene if you can. A moving object may hamper the photo quality even though the software adjusts them to some degree during the process. This is common if you capture movements using bracketing method. The objects appear like a ghost or transparent double images in areas
Maintaining a steady surface when you rotate your camera is essential to guarantee you a successfully stitched 360º photo. Also, each photo must has at least 30 percent overlaps so that the stitching program automatically links them together into a 360º photo.
There are devices that take 360º photos with a click of a shutter, but in most cases, we take several photos, partially overlapped, with an ordinary camera and use a stitching software to produce a panoramic photo. A simple explanation for taking a 360º photo is to take several photos of about 30% or more